{Taipei Day 3}: Dan Shui - My Favourite Place!

Dan Shui is really one of my favourite places to go in Taipei, I am so going to visit it again the next time. It's really a place where one can relax and spend a whole day with their loved ones! You'll see lots of couples and families there! It's pretty crowded, but not to the point where you'll hate the crowd. Comfortable crowds I'd say, haha!

*Photo spam ahead*

After our little adventure in the museum, we board the bus returning to Shilin train station. Upon alighting from the bus, we chanced upon this little shop selling assorted pancakes! They make every flavour sound so yummy with their descriptive words.

So I got the 洋芋培根 flavour, which translates to potato and bacon in English! It was very good, mash potato inside a pancake! Only NTD20 (SGD: $0.90!)

Took the train, and after slightly more than 30 minutes, we reached Dan Shui station! :)

 My idol of all times - Takuya Kimura! Ahhhhh

The first doggy picture in this post....warn you guys first, there will be many more to come!! I can never resist taking photos of cute doggies!

I like this too!! Super yummy! Deep-fried squid with yummy rice inside! You can choose the sauce you want to go along with the squid. I chose the Thai sauce. Sweet and a little spicyness!

Ah xue bought this 葱抓饼 and can see that she's really happy with it!

Cute schnauzer here!

A small museum that showcases the weird stuffs! 

Daddy-daughter bonding time!

CC got the grilled lamb stick and I think she mentioned that it was only average?

Showed my father this photo and he asked why didn't I try the tiny crabs!

The legendary super tall ice-cream!

I got the not-so-tall one though. Chose the mango flavour, and it was good! Not too sweet, my tastebud loves it!

The grey line - there's no need for everything to be so clear-cut sometimes. It does not need to be black or white all the time. A photo that is blur may look good too. 

Didn't visit this cafe! But I just want to mention that I love everything potato...especially with cheese. The best combination ever!

Hello 小白! Super cute! Hehehe!

The owner kindly attracted the doggies' attention using the treats just for my photo-taking. So nice of her!

Purchases the boat tickets to go over to Fishermen's Wharf!


Got my potrait drawn by an old uncle there!

Uncle, why you like that! I look like that one meh!:( LOL. But anyway, it's ok! I went to have my portrait drawn by this old uncle because he was the only one with no customers.

The one who did Ah Xue's portrait was more skilled!!!! He really capture her eyes and other features well.

Hehe, see, so cute! Even a dog got her potrait drawn! Aww!

We also saw a group of people filming, and realised that it was actually Amazing Race!

The beautiful Lovers' Bridge at night :)

We also shared this: 综合口味 cheese potato! But to our disappointment, it was not as good as we thought it will be. Perhaps we chose the wrong flavour!

So anyone who loves Dan Shui as much as me? :)


Anonymous said...

Hey! How did you guys know the way from station to the pier and take the ferry to Fishermen's Wharf?

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the blog post! I'm going to the same hotel and places as you so this posts are so beneficial to me! Thanks for the recommendations ^-^


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